Kaupo Gap Hiking in Maui, Hawaii



The Kaupo Gap hike is an unforgetable experience in hiking Maui.  It spans miles of land at high elevations, so it’s a more advanced hike than you might think.  You also need someone to pick you up on the other side.

A great way to do this hike, if you’ve got enough people to do it, is to have 2 groups traveling in different directions to grab eachother’s cars.  Otherwise, it’s a long lonely ride for someone.

For those that have never been, it’s not a bad idea to go with an experienced guide.  The best option we’ve found is Erik with MauiHikes.org.  He operates one of the only free activities on the island.  He gathers groups of hikers to do fun new hikes.  Give him a shout and see when he plans on doing this hike next.

Thank you, Natalie Brown, for the beautiful aerial photo of Kaupo Gap.  Big Mahalos!

 Kaupo Gap

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