Interning on Maui: An Insider’s Look


I’m about to leave paradise to go back to Germany. At the beginning, you think “oh yeah, 3 1/2 months is so long”, but then you realize that it is absolutely not. Then panic. The “to-do-list” gets longer and your time shorter. More panic. But in the end, you have to enjoy every second of your time and be grateful for all the amazing moments.

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So, what do I do all the time, in addition to sun, beach, palm trees and the sea? Drinking cocktails? Also, but of course I came here to work. Many are amazed that here in Paia, aka “Hello Hippie Town”, there is actually a real professional agency. Yes, it sounds a little crazy, but it is absolutely not. And yes, we have fast Internet.

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I am fortunate to be a part of Hawaii Web Group and work with talented, funny people in a paradise atmosphere. The difference compared to my previous experiences? What can I say, palm trees, sun, sea, breakfast on the beach and working barefoot… that’s a great feeling. Everything is more relaxed and the atmosphere thereby also happier. But of course, the work is no less professional than in our town. And actually it is good during the day to work in the cool office rather than frying on the beach like a chicken.

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My main project is the new label Baby Maui, a baby and children’s collection consisting of t-shirts, cushions, baby bibs and much more with illustrations of Maui. For this I created complete new branding and several illustrations that are dependent on the locations and theme of the specific Maui area. How do I like it? I could’t imagine doing something else, because anyone who looks at my personal label, yummydesignknows that I love sweet little characters!

Visit the Baby Maui online shop and check it out! And for us, the “big” ones, there are also items there.

baby maui

Besides my graphic work, I also had the opportunity to be a part of several events where I shot pictures for our articles. The combination of graphic design & photography is perfect, because every time you see different places and get more inspired for your next work. For all who are interested in my experience, photos & artwork, check out my travel blog, Surfing on Feelings.

I can definitely say that coming to Maui has been one of the best experiences of my life. I really appreciate the combination of living the island life and also having a great workplace. I learned a lot from my coworkers, got new working perspectives and also improved my language skills. I also learned to be more adventurous in trying new things, how to be more relaxed, and to find a balance between work and my life.

surfing on feelings

To work is a good feeling and is important for how we represent ourselves, but we can’t forget to live our lives, too!

Thank you to my Maui friends and family!

yummy design

So, don’t worry, be Maui!

Love. Peace. Aloha.


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