Hiking Unbeaten Maui Paths


Hiking Huge CliffsWe’ve done a lot of hiking on Maui.  We’ve enjoyed some amazing experiences, and some scary ones.  When exploring Maui, you can choose to hike the areas that are well-known or find your own way.  Unfortunately, we’ve had some pretty bad experiences going our “own” way.  Once one of us was swept over a waterfall and nearly died, we’ve had people yell at us for not being welcome (Blue Pool), and had some nasty run ins with mosquito clouds and busted ankles on slippery stream hikes.  A few of our friends recently barely escaped a flash flood with their lives.  Scary.

So, do us a favor and stick to the better known spots like Twin Falls, Waianapanapa State Park, or Seven Sacred Pools.  We end up having more fun when stress, fear and danger are out of the equation.  

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