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With the many Hawaii car rental companies and car rental wholesalers out there, it can be difficult to search out the best deals. Maui Information Guide has put some time into it for you. After researching the different companies, we’ve come to the realization that the best prices are often found through 3rd party wholesale companies. These companies negotiate low-rate car rental contracts with different rental agencies. This forces the big companies like Enterprise, Avis, Dollar, Thrifty, and Budget to have to compete against each other for the contracts. Often you’ll find you can rent a car through a wholesaler for less than you would directly from the name-brand company.

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Through their regularly updated database, you’ll be given the lowest rate from these companies. This alleviates the work of cross-checking all of the different car agencies. On top of this convenience, you’ll find many of the cars are rented for less than you’d find them on the actual big company websites.

• When renting online, there are no pre-payments or cancellation fees. All of the cars come with unlimited mileage, air-conditioning, a CD player, and automatic transmissions.

• Hawaii Drive-O has contracts with car rental agencies on all of the major islands of Hawaii, so inter-island car rentals can be made easy. They also do not require a credit card when making a reservation. This saves you the risk of inputting your confidential financial information over the Internet.

• Another thing we like about this company is its easy-to-use reliable website. They keep it regularly updated with the best deals for car rentals in Maui, Hawaii.

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What car should I rent in Maui?

This is a really good and often asked question. The answer depends largely on what you plan on doing and with whom.

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For those on a budget, grab an economy car. Most economy cars fit at least 4 people and will get you around just fine. With gas prices being some of the highest in the Nation, it’s not a bad idea to rent an economy car while in Hawaii.

Larger families or multi-couple travelers may want to rent an SUV or minivan while in Maui. Renting a larger car can also cut down on costs when you consider having to rent two smaller cars. Groups that visit Hawaii often travel around the island together anyway.

Those of you that want more comfort while driving our island’s scenic coastlines may opt for a luxury car. When taking bumpy roads, you’ll especially appreciate a luxury car rental.

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For those of you looking to drive the Road to Hana, you may want to look at renting a Jeep or convertible. Having the ability to take the top off and really enjoy the beauty surrounding you on the Road to Hana is worth every penny. Almost every road on Maui offers incredible views of some kind or another; take advantage of the great weather, and enjoy the warm air with the top down. Just remember, when driving to Hana, it will probably rain on you at one point or another, so be prepared. If it rains, find a safe spot to pull over and put the top-up. Accidents occur when people frantically stop or swerve to get off the road in Hana. If you have the top down, be ready to absorb a little Heavenly Hana moisture before stopping.

Many people ask whether a 4-wheel drive vehicle is worth having in Maui. Most of the places that require a 4-wheel drive car are restricted by rental car agreements. Don’t worry because the best things to see and do on Maui are accessible by a regular car. If you really would like to go off-roading in Maui, do an ATV tour. Or you can buy a beat-up old car and get permission from a landowner to tear it up. Then you can try and sell it once you leave. This is pretty extreme for a quick vacation but can be a lot of fun if done safely.  As far as Maui safety checks go, every rental car has one legally (it’s done annually.) 

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