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Road To Hana

Road To Hana Photos

Hana is Mecca to those that love natural landscapes, perfect waterfalls, rugged coastline, and lush rainforests. The photos above were all taken on the way to Hana, in Hana Town, or on the backside of Haleakala. Buy Prints Here!


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I survived the Road to Hana

Is it really that dangerous?


The Road to Hana is famous for being described as extremely dangerous to travel. People often tell you that the road is unpaved, has old bridges, and runs along cliffs with no railing.


The reason people think this and continue to portray this area as dangerous is that before the 80s, the Road to Hana was unpaved in sections and had very old bridges. Now the entire road is paved and has railings in most areas, along with newer bridges where needed.

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Keep in mind that the road is still perilous because of the many winding turns and the occasional tourist that doesn’t pay attention to the road. Drive safe and give the right of way to local traffic. We also encourage you to switch off driving to allow everyone the pleasure of viewing as a passenger. You’ll enjoy the ride much more this way. If you’re still uncomfortable driving, have an experienced guide take you on a van tour. This way, your driver knows every curve and can also share information about each spot.

We’ve got your back if you get car sick! There are a few things that work for us when our friends or family members get queasy on the road. The first is ginger ale, which helps with nausea in general and can be taken either orally (ginger)or IV injection-style using juice from fresh cut up pieces of raw peeled root – whichever one sounds better to suit what works best at any given time

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Most of the photos were taken by Hawaii Photography.

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