Grand Wailea Events


fireworksEvery so often, the Grand Wailea Resort will have some massive event thrown by convention coordinators or group of wealthy visitors. These groups sometimes have big bands come play for them privately. Walking along Wailea Beach, we’ve heard bands like Bon Jovi and Sting playing to a small crowd along the water. They also sometimes have amazing firework shows from a barge just off the shore.

The people that have done this in the past are large software companies, a convention of doctors, and even Oprah bringing all her employees for a company trip.

SO the next time you see fireworks while eating at Tommy Bahamas Wailea, it’s probably some rich people partying.

You should check out their Grand Wailea luau. They have one of the better luaus on Maui.

And we have some geat info for those ooking for fun things to do and fireworks during New Year’s Even in Maui.


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