Environmental Help Facts


By Cayla Sigrah

These facts may be something that tourist and locals alike can do something about immediately.

-Litter has affected the surrounding bodies of water in Hawaii; causing choking hazards for native honu, native fish, and mammals.

HOW TO HELP: Clean up after yourself; avoid use of disposable items such as plastic bags, Styrofoam, balloons (for those famous beach birthday parties), etc….

-Coral reef deterioration is extremely common due to the stepping on coral reefs when in need of a resting spot or out of innocent curiosity.

HOW TO HELP: Avoid touching or stepping on coral reef zones if possible. Look, but don’t touch is a great mindset in this case.

-Massive use of chemicals like sunscreen pollutes the water and cause nasty environments for the native fish and mammals of Hawaii.

HOW TO HELP: Using less sunscreen or environmentally friendly sunscreen.

– Alien species such as cats, dogs, rabbits, pigs, and rats affected a number of indigenous species

HOW TO HELP: Though most of these animals seem harmless or cute, refrain from feeding mongooses, cats, or other animals listed. Feeding= larger population of these animals= more killing of the native species.


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