Elton John Maui Photos


Last night’s show by Elton John was unbelievable!  It was the first show at the newly renovated MACC (Maui Arts & Cultural Center) and Elton John’s 1st show on Maui.  He’s been coming to Maui for over 38 years, and he finally decided to share his music with us.  THANK YOU!!

We’ve seen a lot of musical legends in our day, but this managed to be an exception.  Great singers like Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney are musical geniuses, but they don’t have the voice they used to (forgive me, I feel awful saying it, but it’s true.  Those guys can still sing me off the stage.)  BUT Elton has kept his voice through the years.  He sounded better than ever, and his piano skills are unrivaled.  What a show!  This will go down as one of the greatest Maui events ever!

The 1st show sold out immediately to MACC members.  Because of the incredible demand, Sir Elton was kind enough to play another show.  We’re hoping to get to tonight’s show as well, but if not, we’re happy with what we got.  We hope you enjoy our photos!  Mahalo, Elton, for an incredible show!


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