Best Maui Boardwalks


There are plenty of beaches to walk on in Maui.  But what if you have a stroller with a baby, or you don’t feel like walking through sand the whole time?  What if you’re looking for an opportunity to stop here and there for cocktails and/or food?  Well, there are a few great options.

One of our favorite boardwalks is in Kaanapali.  You can walk from Hanakao’o Beach Park all the way to Duke’s Beachhouse Restaurant next to the Aston Mahana and Honua Kai Konea hotels.  It’s a long walk with many resorts in front of it.  You also wrap around the Sheraton at Black Rock.  If you walk from one end to the other, you’re looking at at least an hour each way.  Some of it will be covered by trees, but most of it runs alongside the ocean and offers full sun.

There are plenty of spots to stop for drinks and food.  We love this walk for sunset or in the early morning when the sun isn’t as strong.  When on the south side, there’s a similar long walk along the ocean in Wailea.  You have to cross beaches here and there, but a lot of it is composed of paved path along the water and resorts.

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