Beach Day Packing List


Here on Maui, we are pros at making a day out of going to the beach. It’s where we meet our friends for weekend barbecues and picnics, enjoy a day of ocean activities and is generally the best place to spend a day off in paradise.

While enjoying a relaxing day at the beach may seem pretty self explanatory, we have outlined some tips to ensure you maximize your beach time in paradise.


Beach Day Packing List


Beach Day Packing List:

  • Beach Day Packing ListSPF – Perhaps the most important thing you can bring to the beach is sun protection. Choose an eco-friendly sunscreen like Soleo Organics, Caribbean Solutions Sol Guard or UV Natural Sunscreen to protect your skin and the ocean!
  • Beach Umbrella – Unless it’s an especially windy day, we recommend bringing a beach umbrella for your sunshine adventures. A nice option is the the Tommy Bahama umbrella at Costco, but if you’re looking for a more inexpensive choice, check out local garage sales (and your hotel or condo neighbors) to see if they have one that will work!
  • Cooler – Coolers are an obvious choice for snacks, sodas, and beverages of the adult variety. If you live in Maui or are here part-time, our pick goes to the new Coolest Cooler, which comes with a built-in blender and waterproof speakers. If you’re only in Maui for a week or two, you can find a great selection of inexpensive coolers at most grocery stores or Walmart.
  • Water – Hydration is the key for a long day at the beach. Bring your favorite reusable water bottle from home or grab one on the way to the beach. Just remember to grab your bottles on the way out!
  • Snorkel Gear – If you plan on enjoying the wonderful underwater scenery on your next trip to Maui, consider bringing snorkel gear from home to save costs on rental gear. We recommend local brand DaFin for easy-to-pack, lightweight fins.
  • Beach Toys – For the kiddos, grab Zoë B biodegradable beach toys, which will break down in the ocean in 2-3 years if accidentally washed out or lost (although we still recommend remembering to grab them)!
  • Waterproof Speakers – Since we no longer need to drag around a boom box (a la John Cusack) to profess our love or listen to our favorite tunes, grab some waterproof speakers for a musically inclined day at the beach.
  • Waterproof Phone/Tablet/Kindle Case – Nothing ruins a day at the beach like a soaking wet cell phone that you forgot to take out of your pocket. We like LifeProof iPhone cases and the BeachBuoy collection for Kindles and tablets.
  • Hammock – Want to take relaxation to the next level? Pack a lightweight hammock! If you plan on camping in Maui, camping hammocks that include mosquito netting and a rain tarp are a great option for staying dry, safe and relaxed!
  • Slippahs – ‘Cause you don’t want to be the person in socks and tennis shoes at the beach.


Did we forget something? Tell us your favorite items to pack for a successful day at the beach!


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  1. A great place to find an awesome hammock is Hangloose Hammocks Hawaii in Lahaina at the wharf. Many varieties to choose from. Support local!


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