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Maui’s Best Massage is the premier massage outcall service on Maui.  They will come to you, but you can also enjoy their relaxing facility as well.  Visit Maui’s Best Massage or call (808) 426-7418 to book your experience today.

Kihei Location

Maui’s Best Massage & Spa
1993 S. Kihei Rd, Suite 19
Kihei, HI 96753

Maui Couple Massage

Maui’s Best Massage Services

Relaxation – This is the perfect massage for those who prefer a lighter touch. Your tired and sore muscles will thank you after this soothing therapy!

Deep Tissue – Anyone with chronic back, neck, or shoulder pain will be delighted at this firmer touch massage. Your massage therapist will use more body weight while utilizing the power of their elbows and knuckles. Soon, you’ll be unwound and more relaxed than ever!

Lomi Lomi – One of the most popular massages on the island, this ancient Hawaiian technique harnesses the “mana” or sacred energy of the island to soothe and relax you. Using continuous and long flowing strokes, this massage will infuse aloha into your tissue!

Maui Massage Therapists

Call (808) 426-7418  or visit Maui’s Best Massage to book an appointment today!