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May 29, 20180 comments

By Jeannine Bourque, Founder

A workspace with a sense of lightness and inspiration is where I thrive. Who wants to work in a dungeon? I have (well not technically, but it felt like one) and it’s not pleasant. The energy of the space was stagnate, and so was my creativity. I have worked in luxury spas most of my career, and there has only been one office space that reflected the same beautiful aesthetic as the spa design our guests would see. Funny now looking back, I stayed there the longest. When the time came for me to venture on my own I was looking for a co-working space on Maui. Lucky for me SPACESMaui had just opened its doors in Pukalani a few minutes away from my home.

coworking Maui

At first glance it seemed like a humble little plantation house, but once inside I saw a beautiful infusion of modern design and functionality – perfect for a modern day entrepreneur. A wooden frame greeted me as I entered, showing the plantation home in its original character back in the 1950’s. The plantation house was home to Rebecca and Louis Fernandez, a hardworking family of 14 who lived the country lifestyle, working the land and being of service to their surrounding communities. 

Now, owners Jazmyne and Julius Geis are honoring Maui’s past while carrying Hawaii’s entrepreneurs into the future. Julius got the idea of wanting to open a co-working space as he embarked on his journey and established On Any Given Monday, one of the first remote strategic branding agencies. His team expands from Hawai’i, Australia, Belize, the United States to Portugal.

“Let’s be honest – remote work has its challenges: Many lonely cups of coffee and the constant chase of new projects,” Julius shared. “At OAGM, our decision against the comfort of the 9 to 5 box is deliberate – we use the creative potential of remote work to build our lives and careers on purpose and passion, and not a soul-crushing paycheck.”

Maui shared coworking 

The atmosphere doesn’t compare to a distracting coffee shop, my lonely living room or a boring hotel business center –my typical work spots before finding SPACESMaui. Inside everyone is buzzing and making things happen. On Monday, I meet a cannabis medical doctor visiting from New York, on Tuesday a finance director from Montana, on Wednesday a programmer for the state of Hawaii, and so on. It reminds me of my hospitality days of getting to know people from all over the world. It is a melting pot for inspiration and connection – how we all should be working! My favorite part of is I don’t have to compromise my sense of wellbeing at work.

Upon entrance I smell an infusion of peppermint, eucalyptus, hyssop and rosemary essential oils that allows me to tackle my morning tasks with fresh enthusiasm and focus. I make my chai latte with the foam on top. My delight for the morning. When I am ready for a break I either melt in the lounge chair smelling lavender essential oil or sit outside on the porch with a cup of ALOHA tea and take in the views of Haleakala. I close my eyes, take a deep breath and ground myself. Creativity and opportunities only happen in the moment. I remind myself to stay present.

“What is special is the space’s holistic approach,” Julius said. “The senses we use in the essential oil diffuser, the light we use, the way we furnish and decorate, the colors we chose… it is all very intentional. The way we email and talk with everyone. We pay attention to the details.” 

Julius is avid about offering companies and individuals opportunities to grow into their full potential. The moment I told him I was passionate about wellness, and had an idea about organizing wellness events for members at SPACESMaui he was all for it!

maui coworking

Now I am bringing in wellness professionals within my network at The Seeking Root to offer a opportunity to practice incorporating wellness into one’s life to find inspiration, increase productivity and creativity. Work, Play & Picnic is a series of events, where we do mini wellness workshops during the lunch hour, and picnic together to offer a chance to connect and socialize.

“There are a lot of people that are making choices to be able to work and live wherever they want to. Many are coming home or are brand new to the island,” Jazmyne said. “They have talent and skills but maybe don’t have a space quite yet to start their work, so we wanted to be that space for them where they could share their talents and start to integrate with the community here.” 

It is a community. A community for bright ideas, rocket scientists and entrepreneurs. Whether visiting Maui or this is home, know that you don’t have to take the outdated lone route to be an entrepreneur anymore. Julius always says, “Our office is your office.”


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