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Holy crap, it’s 2015. 15 years ago, I was asking my mom to buy me a sweet silver pleather millennium skirt to wear while I danced to Will Smith in my living room in Texas, and this year I’m making a list of Hawaiian adventures to cross off my resolution list, most of which sadly cannot be done in a silver pleather skirt.

Last year I made a list of Maui New Year’s Resolutions, most of which I am glad to say I have accomplished, including camping on Lana’i, witnessing more than several humpback whales, eating (and enjoying) something containing Spam, and hiking Pipiwai Trail. While I am no better at surfing, still don’t know how to sail a boat and haven’t quite found the right person to open a drive-in movie theatre, those items are getting rolled over on the to-do list for 2015.

I’ve done a ton of amazing things on Maui since my move here 15 months ago, but there are definitely still some Tropical Resolutions I wouldn’t mind crossing off before next year, including:

Hiking/Camping in Haleakala Crater

I’ve been to the top of Haleakala for sunset, sunrise, stargazing, you name it. But I have not yet attempted the Halemauu or Sliding Sands Trail, a 10 mile hike leading to Paliku Cabin, for several reasons. One of which is that it’s 10 miles, and the other of which is that it’s 10 miles carrying all of your stuff. But one day this year I’ll suck it up and go, because I hear it’s amazing and like nothing else I’ll experience on the island.

hiking trails maui

Do Everything I’ve Missed on the Road to Hana

I’ve been fortunate enough to experience Hana several times – camping at Wai’anapanapa and Kipahulu, cozy vacation rentals in Hana, full day adventures around the volcano, swimming in almost every waterfall possible, hiking through bamboo forests, all that jazz. For the most part, I feel like I could be a pretty good guide to how to have a rad time on your drive, but I always miss the same few stops, and it’s time to do everything I haven’t done yet, including Twin Falls, the Commando hike, Red Sand Beach, Koki Beach and Venus Pools.

hana beaches maui

Go Outrigger Canoeing

This will be an easy one to cross off, thanks to the lovely folks at Hawaiian Paddle Sports, who have been kind enough to invite me out for a whale watching trip on their Hawaiian outrigger canoe. Whales, canoes and boys who will most likely do the majority of the paddling? It’s like the perfect storm.

whale watching tours maui

Take a Helicopter Tour

This always looks so amazing, and should I ever come across $250 lying in the sand with a note that says “Dear Kelsey, Treat Yo’self”, you know where I’ll be.

maui aerial views

Make Something Happen

One thing I’ve noticed about living in Hawaii is that it’s hard to make concrete plans happen. Sometimes I understand why, and sometimes I truly do not. Earlier this year, a friend told me that many of his Maui High School students have never been to Hana. How crazy is that?! I would LOVE to find a way to get these kids on a bus trip out to Hana to experience the beauty of that side of the island (it really is way different from anywhere else on Maui), so if anyone has any concrete ideas about how to make this happen, I’d love suggestions.

maui road to hana

Run into Willie Nelson

My ultimate dream is to run into him at Mana Foods in Paia, dance with him in the hot foods aisle and then be invited to his house for a game of poker and a jam session (I play a mean triangle).

celebrities in maui

Besides that, I’d still love to make it to Moloka’i, Kauai and the Big Island, but I’d be truly happy if I could cross off any or all of the items above. Mahalo for reading, and let us know what’s on your New Year’s Resolution list in the comments below.

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  1. Aloha Kelsey and Happy New Year! Definitely get to Red Sand Beach and let me know who is there and what it is like. Little Beach too. And the now court-ruled PUBLIC trail to Haleakala from Olinda. Remember Maui attorney Tom Pierce who this year won a unanimous jury trial that ruled that trail is public property, not the private property of Haleakala Ranch.


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