Taste of Chocolate

Taste of Chocolate

hottiesTonight we’ll enjoy one of the most famous annual Maui events, The Taste of Chocolate.  From 8 to 10pm, Maui residents, enthusiastic visitors and some celebrities will dress up to the nines and come to the Four Seasons Wailea for a fun gathering at a beautiful outdoor venue.  An 8 piece band will perform African music while Film Festival buffs will roam around mingling and indulging in many different types of chocolate.

We really enjoy this event, but we feel it isn’t quite the value you get from the Taste of Wailea.  At the Taste of Wailea you get all kinds of food, which makes the price tag a bit more reasonable.  If you go to the Taste of Chocolate, expect good conversation, fun cocktails and tasty treats.  But don’t expect to fill up on chocolate, unless you want to struggle the next day.

Four Seasons Wailea


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