Taste of Chocolate


hottiesAgain, we’re excited to enjoy one of the most famous annual Maui events, The Taste of Chocolate on Friday June 19th, 2020 from 10pm to midnight. Maui residents, enthusiastic visitors and some celebrities will dress to the nines and come to the Four Seasons Wailea for a fun gathering at a beautiful outdoor venue.  Join Film buffs as we roam around mingling and indulging in many different types of chocolate.

If you go to the Taste of Chocolate, expect good conversation, fun cocktails and tasty treats.  Tickets also include same night admission to 2 premieres at the Celestial Cinema.

It’s safe to say that we LOVE the Maui Film Festival! The Taste of Chocolate at the Maui Four Seasons was all time this year! Beautiful women, delicious chocolate treats, and interesting, passionate people all around!

taste of chocolate event

We love these events because of the people. Nowhere else on Earth can you meet such different personalities in 1 place. Every person we talked to had a story. We met some intelligent, driven film makers and we also met fun locals wanting to get out and dress up a bit. Tonight was a mix of all kinds.

Four Seasons Wailea

Overall, the taste of chocolate was stellar! Everywhere we looked there was some little goody of chocolate happiness. Happy people floated around in warm weather with the ocean behind them. Good music, chocolate sculptures, painted near-naked dancers, and some very talented film people filled the event. We met some amazing people, and we caught up with some very good friends.

We’ve been lucky enough to enjoy a few large film festivals, but Maui is by far the best. Anyone who has been to it will agree.

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