Taste of Chocolate Wailea – beautiful woman, yummy food!

Taste of Chocolate

It’s safe to say that we LOVE the Maui Flim Festival! The Taste of Chocolate at the Maui Four Seasons was all time this year! Beautiful women, delicious chocolate treats, and interesting, passionate people all around!


Every person we talked to had a story. And some of them were worth listening to. We met some intelligent, driven film makers and we also met some hideous cheese dicks. Tonight was a mix of all kinds.


We love these events because of the people. Nowhere else on Earth can you meet such different personalities in 1 place. It’s a collision of Orange County and Humbolt County. Stoney and fake and ambitious and unique and beautiful and creative and aweful and wonderful. This isn’t to say that the Maui locals are the creative, stoney ones and the LA crowd are the fake, pretensious ones. There are both types on both sides. But these events bring out all the Maui natives that want to show off their glossy sides.


Don’t get me wrong: we enjoyed dressing up and wearing long sleeves tonight, but we didn’t search for the biggest and brightest stars to talk to. It was funny. At many points during many conversations, as soon as the people we talked to found out that we write, blog, and live on Maui, they would start looking over our shoulders to find someone to talk to that would have more relevance to their little LA bubbles. Funny.


Overall, the taste of chocolate was stellar! Everywhere we looked there was some little goody of chocolate happiness. Happy people floated around in warm weather with the ocean behind them. Good music, chocolate sculptures, painted near-naked dancers, and some very talented film people filled the event. We met some amazing people, and we caught up with some very good friends.


We’ve been lucky enough to enjoy a few large film festivals, but Maui is by far the best. Anyone who has been to it will agree.


We’ll be at the movies and events again tomorrow and Sunday. check in again then!! Aloha!

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