Side Effects of Hiking on Maui


With lush mountains, the world’s largest dormant volcano, 81 beaches, rainforest, natural pools, lava fields, volcanic ranch land and more, it’s safe to say that Maui is one of the most scenic places you’re likely to visit.  Learn more about hiking in Maui.

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While there are endless activities to enjoy during your time on the Valley Isle, both in and out of the ocean, we’re here to give you the likely side effects you can expect to experience during one of our favorite activities – hiking! So much to see, so little time.

Maui Hiking: What to Expect

*Consult your doctor or healthcare specialist before deciding to have a super fun time in paradise.

#1 Increased Sense of Adventure

Let’s face it – you didn’t fly all the way to Hawaii to watch Netflix. If there’s anywhere to unleash your adventurous side, it’s on Maui! Hiking offers views you simply can’t see or appreciate from the road or sky, and it’s really the best way to see the natural beauty of the island up close and personal. Whether you’ve always dreamed of hiking above the clouds in the crater of the world’s largest dormant volcano or along stunning rainforest paths to cascading waterfalls, Maui has it all.

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#2 Eyeball Gratitude

If eyes are the window to the soul, you better start treating them well! If you’ve been spending too much time staring at the clock in your office, traffic and piles of laundry lately, it’s time to mix it up and treat your eyes to the sights of the tropics. Hike the gorgeous Pipiwai Trail in Kipahulu to see the island’s most photographed bamboo forest, and keep your eyeballs feeling thankful.

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#3 Aloha Appreciation

You can Google pictures of Hawaii all day, but there’s nothing that can prepare you for the experience of exploring it in person. Hiking in particular is one of the best ways to return with a renewed sense of appreciation for nature, Hawaiian culture, and how the two are intertwined to create the paradise you’re sure to discover.

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#4 Heightened “World Explorer” Cred

After a day spent swimming in waterfalls, hiking through the rainforest, navigating volcanic cinder cones and making friends with the local wildlife, it’s fair to say your explorer cred just hit a new all-time high. Give yourself a pat on the back (and maybe a congratulatory spa day)!

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#5 FBHE (Friend Back Home Envy)

While hiking on Maui doesn’t require social media updates around every corner, you’re pretty much guaranteed to be on the receiving end of some FBHE when you share your latest adventures.

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Though there are a number of hiking trails for every level on Maui, we highly recommend a guided hike tour with the pros, who offer an assortment of incredible hiking tours through Haleakala Crater and the waterfalls along Hana Highway, as well as combination tours that include kayaking, ziplining and more.

Mahalo for reading, and happy hiking!

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