Romance and Adventure on the Road to Hana


There’s a Hawaii that we’ve all dreamed about.  Far away from the shops, bright lights, and touristy shows.  There’s a Maui where you’re not cramped in between people you don’t know.  There’s Hana and the road that takes you to it and beyond!

When you use R2H’s Experiencing the Road to Hana and Beyond, you do just that.  Rent your own car.  Invite only the ones you love.  Then travel to Hana on your own schedule.  With this CD, tips, and Hana folding map, you’re given all the best information to have the ultimate experience.  But you get more than just points on a map.  With R2H, you get the full experience with great music, helpful driving tips, and you’ll be shown the Hawaii you’ve always envisioned.


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