Road to Hana Perfection


We can’t help but share these photos by Natalie Brown Photography from along the Road to Hana.  Natalie stayed at the Hana-Maui Resort.


hana bridge

Hana Hawaii

Hana Hotel

Hana islands

Hana Maui

Hana stars in sky

Hana stay

Hana waterfall Maui

Hana waterfalls

Road to Hana waterfalls

waterfalls Maui Hawaii


Whether or not someone in your group gets car sick, you may want to take a break from driving if it becomes too much. We find that some friends also experience motion sickness when traveling on the road to Hana and have found these steps helpful:

-Bring ginger ale so they can suck on chunks of fresh root (ginger helps reduce nausea). Ginger has been known as both preventive medicine and emergency treatment for those who suffer greatly with stomach problems; just remember not bring anything else but water since alcohol will make things worse! Bring anti-nausea pills too–you’ll be able stop at drug stores along the way which should help relieve any symptoms quickly.

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