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On the morning of my surf lesson, Maui weather was not living up to its usual 80 degrees and sunny. But unless it’s a full blown tsunami outside, that’s the beauty of surfing… you’re going to get wet anyway, so who cares how it happens!

This was my 3rd surf lesson, the first in Costa Rica four years ago and the other in Maui last year. So while I have some experience surfing and have successfully ridden a handful of waves, I am still by no means advanced or particularly graceful in the water. Regardless, I’m always game to give surfing another try!

Hawaiian Paddle Sports

Surf Lesson Specifics

One of the best things about Hawaiian Paddle Sports, unlike other companies I’ve taken lessons with, is the fact that they exclusively offer private lessons. I’ve seen hundreds of people on Maui who pay top dollar for a surf lesson only to spend half of it waiting their turn in line. With private lessons, you get more opportunity to practice, more personal attention, corrections catered to your specific skills, and a more memorable, enjoyable experience for you and your family or friends.

Another important factor of surf lessons is where you choose to go out. If your lesson is held in a place that’s constantly overrun with people, especially beginners, you have to worry about running into people, competing for waves and the experience ends up suffering because of it. With Hawaiian Paddle Sports, the instructor chose a quiet, low key spot between Ma’alaea Harbor and Lahaina where hardly anyone else was out. They also offer lessons in South Maui in both Kihei and Wailea, catering the spot to the weather and wave conditions for that day.

Hawaiian Paddle Sports

Beginning your Surf Lesson

The lesson began on the beach with a quick overview of the basic positions I needed to take while on my board, including how to correctly paddle out, how and when to stand up on my board, how to get off safely, and how to turn it around for maximum ease. Then it was time to go! The surf instructor, Jason, pointed out that he can always tell people’s experience on a board by the way they paddle, with beginners usually putting their chin on the board and more experienced people using their back muscles to lift up and get that extra stretch to paddle out farther and faster. Having grown up surfing on Oahu and recently relocating to Maui, Jason was the perfect instructor for a fun day in the ocean.

Surf Lessons

Surfing Tips & Instruction

Thankful to instruct only private lessons, surf instructors at Hawaiian Paddle Sports are well aware that personal attention is the key to success, especially in a sport where there’s so much going on. As a student, you’re given the opportunity to focus on paddling out, standing up and balancing while your instructor focuses on helping you find the right wave and giving you helpful tips along the way. By instructing me to move back on my board, how to push the front of my board down, and catching the timing of the waves, I was able to stand up with ease and had a total blast in the process!

Surf Lessons

Experience a Maui Tradition

I would recommend private surf lessons with Hawaiian Paddle Sports to anyone looking for a great way to spend the day with their friends and family on Maui. You’ll enjoy great views of the Maui shoreline, learn something new and ride waves in the place where surfing was invented! There’s really no other feeling like riding your very first wave.

Surf Lessons

To reserve a private surf lesson, please call Hawaiian Paddle Sports directly at (808) 442-6436 or see other private, professional, and group Maui surf lessons.

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