Prepping for Halloween in Lahaina


halloween lahainaIs it too early to start getting ready for Halloween in Lahaina?  Depends on what kind of costume you’re going to wear.  Most of the time we end up buying some already prepared, simple outfits online and we’re done.  But every once in a while we decide to make our own.

A few years back, a friend came up with the idea of making medieval beer costumes.  At first it sounded kind of dumb.  But after some thought, it turned into a really fun potential project.  So we set off drinking as much beer as we could that would satisfy our color needs.  I was the green knight, while my wife was the yellow maiden.  Our friends did it too, but I can’t find any photos (send them to me!)  

As you can see below, the costume was well planned out.  I wish we’d counted how much beer it took to make, but trust me in that it took quite a few.  probably the most expensive costume I’ve ever had (both on my wallet and liver.)  

So after our costume success, we vowed to build amazing costumes every year!  We’ve managed to do it so far, but not to the level of this one year.  We really want to do steampunk outfits, but the idea of building them is frightening.  Soooo much time.  We’ll see!

halloween final costume

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