Our Whales Are BACK!

Dec 2, 20162 comments

Maui whale watchingWe’re beyond thrilled to announce that our Humpback Whales have returned home!  Yes, their HOME: over 1/2 of the North Pacific Humpback Whale population travels from Alaska to Hawaii in order to mate and give birth each year.  So, many are coming home to where they were born!

Season doesn’t officially start until December 15th and runs to around April 15th, but there have already been sightings of new arrivals.  Take advantage of one of the smaller whale watch boats to have a more personal experience and more control over where you go in the water.

Below we’ve shared some of the past whale seasons’ best photos taken by Natalie Brown Photography.  If you like them, let her know in the comments.

Hawaii humpback whales

Hawaii whales

Humpback Maui Hawaii

Humpback Whales

Maui whale watch

Maui whales

whale breach whales in Maui Hawaii

Hawaii Ocean Rafting

When booking your Maui whale watch, consider Hawaii Ocean Rafting, which was rated one of the top 10 boating adventures in Maui! Call them at (808) 661-7238 before their limited seats fill up.


  1. Jackie Hayden

    These pictures just take my breath away. I can’t wait until I can come back and visit.


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