More Maui Memories



Chings PondOur vacation in Maui 2 years ago was our first in 20 years…we ran a boarding kennel and farm lol…that trip to paradise changed my life and has resulted job changes and thought process when we realized just what was important in life, not to mention a permanent vacation fund to escape the frozen north! Everything we did was an amazing adventure and absolutely loved the people…we’re a bit uptight here in Canada sometimes…its a reaction to the weather I think haha It is now a major influence on my art. I will soon be releasing a new series of glass work inspired by the islands energy, colour and subjects and it gets my blood flowing when I get up in the morning to head to the studio. Did a piece about Kauai last week and doing one about Maui this week. The photos that you post keep me inspired and feed my creative soul! Mahalo!
I also breed Show Golden Retrievers and the last three generations are all named with Hawaiian names [:)] Kona, Halia and Kameo

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