Maui’s Winery


Wine tasting on Maui is a surprise for most people visiting our tropical paradise, as most think of a Mai Tai before they think of a sparkling rose.  As the only winery on the island, Maui’s Winery has found success because there is no one in competition.

Maui's Winery

If you’ve ever been to Napa Valley or Santa Barbara or any other notable wine country destination, then you already have a preconceived idea for your wine tasting experience.  It’s all-encompassing, from the landscape to the winery to the knowledge of the staff.  But the gold star comes from the actual wine you taste.  Those that enjoy wine tasting don’t need an expert palate to recognize an enjoyable wine.

Maui's Winery

Maui’s Winery is tucked into the hillside of Upcountry, and the rolling hills and vast ocean view from 1800 feet above sea level is one for the picture books.  They’ve taken pains to groom their winery with bountiful greenery and restored wood made into ceremonial sculptures.  Maui’s Winery preserved the historic mountain retreat that belonged to King Kalakaua and Queen Liliuokalani by making it their sunny wine tasting room.  Standing at their gleaming mango wood bar, I read about their well-kept 23-acre vineyard and all the passion that goes into each bottle of wine.  Excitement bubbled up as I turned my attention to the free tasting, and took a sip of their sparkling Lokelani Rose.  I personally don’t gravitate to rose and prefer dry wines, but this one was pleasant and fit the cool, sunny climate of Upcountry.

Maui's Winery

There are many things to do and see in the picturesque Upcountry of Maui, and visiting Maui Wine is a fun stop for sure.

If you’re looking to add some sightseeing to your Upcountry experience, Skyline Hawaii offers a Halekala Daytime Summit & MauiWine Tour that makes for an amazing addition to your time on Maui. With a morning pick-up from your accommodation between 7 and 8am, you’ll be driven to the 10,000 foot summit of Haleakala Volcano for a special viewing above the clouds.

Afterward, you’ll travel down the winding slopes of Haleakala Volcano and through Upcountry before enjoying a visit to Ulupalakua Ranch Store, where you’ll be treated to a delicious, locally crafted lunch. Then, let the wine tasting begin! After participating in a tour of the stunning MauiWine property, you will be returned to your hotel or condo by 2pm, with plenty of time to continue your adventures. Learn more about all the Maui zipline companies.

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