Maui Vegan Lovers Unite!


There is nothing worse than a tropical vacation with nothing exciting to eat.  As a vegan, you can only eat so many house salads with oil and vinegar, right?  This list is your “light at the end of the salad” tunnel.  These top 5 Maui vegan lovin’ restaurants will have you eating like the green queen you are!

1. Choice Health Bar

A 90% vegan menu is a pretty fantastic percentage, as most vegans will attest.  With choices like living foods, health elixirs, acai bowls and mash-up plates, you’ll find something to make your animal-loving heart sing!

Choice Health Bar

Fan Favorites:

– Om*mango bowl: açai, mango, pineapple, strawberries, flax oil, seabuckthorn juice, apple juice topped with bananas, strawberries, coconut & honey.

Buddha bowl: healthy grain, vegan soup & superfood salad, in three layers.

The chronic smoothie: fresh mint, hazelnuts, banana, coconut meat, vita mineral greens, hemp protein, cacao nibs, macadamia nut milk.

2.  Farmacy Health Bar

Farmacy Health Bar

This spot is cozy, and carries its weight in vegan gold!  Home of “Maui’s Best Acai Bowl,” these folks are here to care for you through their food. “My philosophy with Farmacy is that food is your medicine. A doctor can prescribe medicine, but really the way to get healthy is through your food,” says chef and owner Christopher Malik. Some visitors never eat anywhere else once they’ve tried the mouth-watering meals at Farmacy Health Bar! – Disclaimer:  The photo above and to the right of all the fruit is not at the Farmacy.  We added it to show some of the items they use fresh every day.

Fan Favorites:

Pono Bowl:  Your choice of soup, quinoa, kale salad with a garlic cashew dressing and topped with a spiced popcorn tofu.

Wai side Poi Bowl:  House made organic poi at the bottom, vanilla macaroon granola or gluten-free rustic granola, Farmacy acai mix with a bit more granola, any three fresh fruits available, toasted coconut, hemp seeds and local honey.

The Young Prince Salad: Kale, baby romaine, mixed greens, quinoa, tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, avocado, chickpeas, croutons with the garlic cashew dressing (ask for no french feta).

3.  Veg Out

Maui Vegan Restaurants

While this restaurant is vegetarian because of their cheese use in some dishes, you can still score big on quite a few vegan options!  Their menu is broken down into Mexican, Italian and Sandwiches and Salads, each with vegan choices!

Fan Favorites:

Muffuletta Sandwich:  Tofu patty breaded with nutritional yeast, served on focaccia bread, house made olive spread, lettuce tomatoes and onions.

Superfoods Life Burger:  This locally made veggie burger is on focaccia bread, with lettuce, tomato, onion and veganaise.  Make sure to add avocado for a better-than-beef burger!

Works Burrito:  Beans, rice mexican style tofu, roasted potatoes, lettuce, jalapeños and olives in a flour tortilla (make sure to ask for no sour cream or cheese!).

4.  Kuau Store

Kuau Store

This north shore gem is an absolute must if you’re on your way to Hana!  Their raw food chef, Kyra Bramble, has taken this chic eatery and shop to new levels with her gift for making raw food better than it’s cooked counterpart!

Fan Favorites:

Raw Powerhouse Papaya with Lime Cream:  This GMO-free papaya is topped with a heavenly cream made of activated organic cashews, maple syrup, lime and sprinkled with cacao, goji berries and coconut.

Thai Summer Rolls with a Ginger Almond Dip:  A rice wrapper filled with cucumber, bell pepper, basil, mint, cilantro, cabbage, sunflower sprouts.  The dipping sauce is perfect for those staying away from peanuts and has a nice kick from the lime juice and cayenne!

Raw Spaghetti & Meatballs:  These raw zucchini “noodles” are perfect paired with raw marinara sauce and a side of parmesan “cheese” (which nutritional yeast authentically replicates).

5.  Maka by Mana – no longer at this location (Now inside Mana)

Maka by Mana

Mana is a local favorite grocery store, and their deli section was so popular, they decided to open a restaurant to serve their favorite dishes to their many fans!  This heavenly vegan sanctuary will bring you back time and time again!  And make sure to save some room for a slice of cheesecake (vegan, of course).

Fan Favorites:

Twisted Beet Salad:  A colorful variety of spiraled beets, Jerusalem artichoke, carrots, sunflower sprouts, and leeks tossed in an almond herb vinaigrette. Served with Kula greens and hemp seeds.

Coconut Cream Cheese Stacker:  Smooth and probiotic-rich coconut cream cheese layered on rosemary almond bread with local kimchi, avocado, tomato, and arugula with a splash of balsamic reduction.

Kiawe Chili:  Black bean sweet potato mesquite chili served with cashew kefir sour cream and cilantro pesto.

Now that you’re drooling over these delicious options, it’s time to take your vegan standards out to dinner!  I promise, your grumbling tummy won’t be disappointed!

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