Maui Sunsets never disappoint


Watching sunset on Maui is an event.  Where it’s viewed as a nice part of the day that some mainlanders might catch a moment of, here in Hawaii, we take it VERY seriously.  Some nights are less-spectacular but still pretty.  Other nights, it will blow your mind!  The sunset this last Sunday was one of those mind-blowing sunsets.  

I’ll never forget a time where we invited a new friend (recently moved to Hawaii) to come down for sunset.  He said,”so what do we do?”  We explained that we do whatever we want while it goes down.  Watch the sunset, talk story, snack on pupus, enjoy cocktails, play games, go swimming, whatever works.  It didn’t take long until we saw him bringing his kids down to the park or beach to watch sunset on a regular basis. 

Here are some photos from that sunset session.  We made a trip to the north side of Maui to check this sunset out.  We heard that Kaanapali had a similarly amazing sunset, and we saw photos from south Maui that were amazing too.  Every side of the island gets to see a different version of the sunset due to cloud formations and islands in the distance.  Though the west and south side of Maui are known as the best spots to watch the sunset over the water, we’re not disappointed with our north side sunset on Sunday.  Amazing!

sunset Maui

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