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“We are getting married on Maui, beach wedding (just the 2 of us, no other guests) and want too ask if we should get married in the afternoon and BOOK A DINNER  SUNSET DANCE CRUISE right after the ceremony to “celebrate” on.”

“Please recommend a very nice dinner / dance cruise to best celebrate; I am wearing a simple wedding dress, will I look out of place?   Is this a good idea?  What is the best cruise you can recommend (also what do you know about the Maui Princess?)  We are older, middle aged and want to have some fun, dance and celebrate.  Should be get married on a Tuesday or Saturday for the most fun night to go and party?  PLEASE HELP, I have never been there and don’t want to pick the wrong day or cruise.”

Thank you, Nancie

Aloha Nancie!  Congratulations!  Those are good questions.  As far as the day to have your wedding, Hawaii is a little different in that there’s no day where we party more than the other.  The boats are usually pretty full for each sunset.

How many people will be joining you?  This is a good question, because if it’s only a few of you, and your date is flexible, you may want to choose your date by what the weather forecast looks like.  Less swell and less wind will make for a better cruise.  If you have a lot of guests, you may want to book your own private charter.

As for which boat to take, you’ll have to contact each one and see what kind of entertainment they have.  Some vessels have live musicians playing in the main cabin, and others have a stereo.  Most of the boats we’ve gone on are pretty mellow with very little dancing.  If you’re looking for a mellow cocktail cruise, check out the Kai Kanani out of Makena.  If you want a big boat with a lot of people to party with, try the Lahaina Dinner Cruise.

The only boat we’ve been on recently that had a little bit of a dance vibe was the Quicksilver Maui.  The dancing didn’t last that long because most people are on the deck watching sunset with cocktails or eating their dinner, but once the sun goes down, most people go to the main cabin and do some dancing to the live music.

If you’re really looking to party, you might want to consider getting married in the early afternoon or morning, do the sunset cruise, and then go out to the bars and restaurants.  We don’t really have that lively of a scene for night life.  SORRY!  But, if you plan it right, you might end up getting married on a night where something cool is happening.  Check with the MACC to see what shows they have going on.  Sometimes they have some great performers that would be fun to see after a wedding (with plenty of dancing and cocktails!)

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  1. Just wondering how your wedding went ? I have friends going to Maui to get married also and they could use some first hand knowledge. They also are just the two of them.
    any recommendations ??


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