Maui Sun Exposure


“We’re coming to Maui in February and I’m worried about the heat/sun. I have sensitive skin and burn easy. We enjoy adventuring around so won’t be sitting on the beach a whole lot but…I don’t want to ruin our Maui vacation! Do you have any tips or suggestions for us?”

You’re in the minority when it comes to visitors of Maui that think ahead about sun exposure.  That’s why we have so many tourists resembling lobsters.  

Good for you!  Yes, the sun here is VERY powerful and can sneak up on you.  It’s not just at the beach, but when you’re adventuring when you need to think about damage from the sun.  Here are a few tips to think about when protecting your skin from the sun in Maui:

  • Sunblock.  Use whatever you feel protects your skin from harmful rays.
  • Hat. Covering up the parts of your body that are more sensitive is important, especially during peak hours.
  • Umbrellas.  When at the beach, find or bring shade.  Maui can be incredibly windy, so umbrellas and sun tents don’t always work.  Look for trees.
  • Water.  Drink plenty of water.  
  • Time of Day.  Choose to do your outdoor activities when the sun is less powerful, usually in the very early morning and/or afternoon.
  • Deceptive Clouds.  Don’t be fooled by cloud cover.  The sun still gets the harmful rays easily through it.  
  • Activities.  Choose to do activities that offer some escape from the sun if needed.  Plan your days and your activities around protecting yourself, or suffer the fate of too many bright red tourists.

We hope this helps.  We’ll keep thinking of other tips.  ALOHA!

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