Maui Plumber Problems


Hawaii is known for sub-par work ethic, which makes some people rockstars and others par for the course.  When it comes to Maui plumbing, this is no exception.  We had a very simple problem: a clogged sink.  We tried ourselves, but it was too deep to handle without professional equipment.

SO, we called all the plumbers we could find online for Maui.  Here is a breakdown of how they responded:
They specialize in 24 hour emergency plumbing.  We called on a Sunday, and they said they couldn’t help us that day.
24/7 and never an overcharge payment.  We called them and left 2 messages.  It’s been over a month and we have never gotten a call back.
Specializing in Kihei, south Maui.  We called on Sunday and didn’t hear back for a few days after it was already fixed.
Both Oahu and Maui plumbing.  Their reception called us back, but they couldn’t answer any real questions.  We waited to hear back from a real plumber, but by the time they’d called back, we already had it fixed that day.
Service, repair and remodels for Maui.  They got back to us promptly and fixed the issue quickly.  They did it in a clean way and didn’t charge an arm and a leg (just an arm.)  We’ll be using them again.

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  1. I just want to add to the list of very frustrated Hawai’i residents on the seemly “WE DONT CARE “ attitude when it comes to getting a service attended to “plumbing “.At the very lest , CALL BACK !


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