Lovely Brita


Hawaii Web Group lost one of the best humans we’ve ever known this last Mother’s Day.  Brita Corradini wasn’t just an honest, articulate writer, but she was one of our closest friends.  Below we’ve shared some thoughts about a woman that changed us all for the better.

If you knew Brita, there are two gatherings to celebrate her life:

  • June 24th at Bluebird Park in Laguna Beach, CA.  Approx. 2pm potluck.
  • June 25th at Baby Beach in Paia, Maui, HI.  9am-12pm.  BYOB&F
  • If you can’t make it, please consider contributing to a trust for her Sweet Keiki.

Brita was pure light, positivity, and LIFE.  When pondering the why’s of her early departure, I’ve heard a few people say that “she must be needed more in heaven than on Earth.”  I’ve also heard that “the angels have NO IDEA what they’re getting.” I think she would like it phrased that way.

Brita will be missed beyond words or imagination.  She was a Goddess.  An unmatched soul with just as much fire as she had kindness. A woman you could drop buckets of straight-faced, dry sarcasm on and she’d shovel right back at you.  Waiting for her to break, and when I finally do with a smile or laugh, she smiles to humor me with a look that says,”oh, poor weak little Berg can’t hang.”

Not too long ago we had a curry cookoff, which I suffered an overwhelming loss.  She knew she won before arriving.  She was good at bring her A game to every battle, which is why she beat breast cancer the first time.  It’s a real shock to have her lose for the first and last time.  If a woman as brilliant, strong, creative, and intuitive as her can lose, we all need to take a serious look at our lives and health and appreciate every breath.

Her response when we last wrote to each other and I said that her being as strong as she is, I was sure she could stop what she called the “toilet swirly.”  When I think about her sweet little ones, it comforts me to share another gem in our last correspondence, “Bad assery runs thick in my blood.”  I think we’ll all look forward to watching the parts of Brita that come out over the years as her keiki grow up to be strong, creative, bright, kind, loving women.  Just like their mom.  Drew and the kids are our family.  We love you all!

Chris Norberg

To Brita…

You, my dear, were a breath of fresh air. I love writing alongside another writer – to read the subtle differences in how they form sentences, how they perceive an experience, how they form an opinion or an argument or develop perspective, and to see just how much of themselves they’re willing to infuse into their writing, even when writing for someone else.

It was an honor to write alongside you. Your radiance and laughter made our cozy office seem vast and bright, and the honesty and creativity in your writing was refreshing.

I’ll always remember one particular day with you.

While on a work-related writing assignment that ended up feeling more like a spontaneous daytime date, we drove up the side of Haleakala Volcano to a remote farm at 3,500 feet, spending the morning picking fresh vegetables from the garden, sampling farm-roasted coffee, and feasting over a gourmet lunch prepared in a swoon-worthy outdoor kitchen, sipping our respective glasses of red wine and cheers’ing over our fortune in ending up on a volcano overlooking tropical paradise at 1pm on a Wednesday. After many laughs and some last minute diligent note-taking (oh, writers), we began our descent back into the relatively real world and you shared about your battle with breast cancer, about writing your young adult book, about your art, about your family, about you.

I am thankful to have spent unbelievably dreamy days alongside such a glowing soul, and thankful to know her as a writer, a mother and a friend. Write on, dearest Brita, and rest sweetly.

Kelsey Love

When Brita was around I could count on every day being more fun. She had a contagious smile, the mouth of a sailor, and a razor-sharp sense of humor that was ruthless without ever being mean-spirited. The instant I met her it felt like joking around with an old friend. No matter what was going on in her life or in yours, she made it impossible to stay in a bad mood around her.

Underneath the jokes and laughter was a kind and giving person. To see her with her two little girls was to see as loving and patient a mother as you could hope for.

When I think of Brita I’ll remember the joy and laughter she brought to us. And I know that because of knowing her, we’ll all extend a little more kindness, make a few more jokes, and brighten a few more days for others the way she always did for us.

Rest in peace, Brita.

Jesse Lee

If this touched you at all, please consider donating to her young family as they transition to a new way of life on the mainland.

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