Looking for Maui’s Best Massage?


Maui can be a tropical paradise or your worst nightmare, depending on how many kinks and knots you’re bringing along on your trip!  With Maui’s Best Massage at your beck and call, they will erase any memory of pain and get you on the fast track to enjoying your island vacation!



One of the most appealing aspects of Maui’s Best Massage is that they will come to you!  No need to wrangle your rental car from valet just to drive around in the heat of the day, looking for a massage service.  With their massage outcall service, you tell them the time and place and they show up, without having to leave the comfort of your hotel, condo or house!

Maui's Best Massage

Once this expert team arrives, you will find yourself in very good hands as they massage away all your cares and stresses!  And they will cater to your massage needs and preferences.  Your choices include:

  1.  Relaxation:  This choice is best for those with light knots or the preference of an easy, relaxing massage.  You’ll feel lighter, brighter and oh so sunny after this massage!
  2. Deep Tissue:  For those with chronic muscle tension, this is meant for you!  Using their elbows, knuckles and bodyweight in just the right way, your knots are no competition for these massage artists!
  3. Lomi Lomi:  This unique bodywork is an ancient Hawaiian holistic healing tradition which uses long, continuous, and flowing stroke that leave you feeling very connected to the island and the aloha spirit we are so known for!
  4. Couples Massage:  Who doesn’t want to experience massage nirvana with their partner?  Choosing the massage that best fits each of you, Maui’s Best Massage will make sure you are both riding on Cloud 9 by the time your massages are done.  It’s the perfect way to start your vacation!


With competitive rates and a 5-star team of expert massage therapists that show up at your doorstep, you’ll be feeling the aloha in no time!  For more information, check out Maui’s Best Massage today!


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