Lahaina 2nd Friday Parties


Lahaina 2nd Friday Party

*Lahaina Town parties have been canceled for the foreseeable future while Lahaina recovers from devastating wildfires.

Maui knows how to have a good time, and it’s most evident in the Friday Night Parties. There is a town party every week, each town hosting its own unique celebration.  Lahaina entertains visitors and locals alike in their historical town, and they’ve got something for everyone!


Lahaina Lahaina is no stranger to great art, and many visitors make their way to the West side to scout out some of Maui’s most tropical exhibits.  During the town parties, most of the art galleries offer wine and pupus for anyone that meanders by.  Some galleries even have live music.  If you are like most of us, a free glass of wine and refreshments make art gazing even more enjoyable!  Here is a list of galleries that (usually) offer it all:

Kai Pua Gallery:  Live glass-blowing and wine

Galeries Thomas Barbey:  Live art, music and wine

Maui Hands Gallery:  Live artists and light refreshments

Lahaina Galleries:  Live art and wine

The Village Galleries:  Live art and refreshments

Images Fine Art Gallery:  Live music and wine

Sargent’s Fine Art:  Live art, music and wine

Martin Lawrence Gallery:  Wine, pupu’s, and live music

King Well Island Art:  Art demo, wine, and pupu’s

Daryl Millard Gallery:  Live art and refreshments

Contemporary Masters:  Live entertainment

Lahaina Printsellers:  Wine and pupu’s

Vintage Posters: Wine and pupu’s

Diamond Head:  Wine

Joelle:  Live art, wine, and pupu’s

Higgins Harte Gallery International: Wine and pupu’s


Besides the live music offered in some of those art galleries, Lahaina always adds a few excellent musicians to its docket.  Make sure to check the Maui Friday schedule for special outdoor concerts!


Kimo’s:  One of Maui’s most popular names, Wille K., makes an appearance at Kimo’s from 9-11 pm.  The $5 cover charge is a small price to pay for catching a few of these traditional Hawaiian tunes!  But if you stop by the Lahaina Visitor Center beforehand, you can grab a Kimo’s Hula Pie coupon for free entry.  You’ll get in for free and a free slice of mouthwatering Hula pie!

The Wharf Cinema Center: The Wharf Cinema Center is chock full of great restaurants, shopping, and live music.  At the town party, check out the Music Center Stage, starring Uncle Lui Williams, king of classic Hawaiian tunes.

Cool Cat Café: Johnny Ringo graces the stage at Cool Cat Café.  And make sure to get a seat overlooking the Banyan Tree.  Good music and a great view!


If you haven’t filled up on all the free pupus offered around town, Lahaina Restaurants offers a few deals that are too good to pass up!


Betty’s Beach Café: Buy one burger, get one free (of equal or lesser value, after 4 p.m.).

Maui Swiss Café:  One of the best happy hours around is at Maui Swiss Café.  From 4-8pm, it’s Happy Ice Cream Hour!  Buy one scoop of ice cream and get the second scoop for free.  And if you haven’t tried their Haupia Ice Cream, give it a try and it will change your life.

Bubba Gump Shrimp Company: While at the Lahaina Visitor Center picking up your Kimo’s coupon for a free piece of Hula pie, make sure to grab a coupon for a free appetizer at Bubba Gump as well.  Free food always tastes better.

As if all that great art, food, and music wasn’t enough, many of the shops in Lahaina offer discounts during the 2nd Friday party.  From submarine rides to hammocks, you’ll find great prices on everything you need for a perfect island vacation!  These Friday Town parties bring the community together for a night of some serious fun!

For more information, check out Maui Fridays for up-to-date information and a list of performers.

Lahaina 2nd Friday Party

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