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Maui Kayak Snorkel Tours

My Recent Kayak Adventure

By: Nikki

Today was a fun adventure! I have never been kayaking in Maui before and had the great opportunity to go with a local guide from Wailea Watersports. I was very excited but didn’t really know what to expect. I am by no means a “sporty” person and I was a bit worried that I may not be up to paddling a kayak!

My brother and I arrived at the destination promptly at 8:00. We were greeted by our happy and smiling guide Shawn and his equally happy and smiling wife Joy. There was another couple excited and set to go along as well. Shawn had us sign a pretty standard waiver that said if we did something stupid he was not liable. Haha. We cruised a short distance down to Polo Beach. The kayaks were all ready to go on the beach for us which was nice because as I would discover later, kayaks are heavy! We all got into the water and into our kayaks with no problem. Ladies in front, gents in back. We, the ladies, got to set the pace and the rhythm while the guys were in charge of steering.

The water was beautiful and so peaceful at that time! The wind had not come to shore yet so we had an easy time seeing down into the water with our polarized glasses. We paddled not too far and cruised into the beach. Thankfully we had no mishaps while the other couple did unfortunately capsize. They were fine just wet and surprised. After Shawn got our kayaks secured on the beach it was time for snorkeling. The water was mild, not warm but not cold either. There were tons of fish! It was like swimming in an aquarium! Shawn showed us a pencil urchin and a brittle starfish. I held the starfish and let it crawl around in my hand, it was really cool! We also saw turtles!

I headed back to the shore a bit early because I ended up getting cold, strange to say I know but I did. I warmed up on the beach while waiting for the rest of the group to come in. When we were all ready to go we got the kayaks back in the water and started paddling again. The wind had come up and the paddling was a bit more difficult but it felt good to be out there on the water enjoying the physical activity and taking in the beautiful surroundings. It didn’t take long to be back to the starting beach. We hauled in the kayaks and took off our life jackets. Our adventure had come to an end.

All in all, it was a fantastic activity! Just the right amount of paddling, a perfect time to snorkel, and a beautiful morning. If you want to go Kayaking and snorkeling, call (808) 892-3177.

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