Kapalua Bay


kapalua mauiWe went to Kapalua Bay earlier today for a little beach time with friends from out of town.  The water was perfect, the sun blazing, and everyone was pretty happy.  It began to drizzle for 15 minutes, but most people didn’t seem to mind (though it cleared some people off the beach.)

Kapalua Bay is one of the prettier beaches on Maui.  Unfortunately, due to the beach having great swimming and an excellent location, it can also get very crowded.  Even when crowded (like today), it’s a joy to be there.  We had a blast. We love the snorkeling here and appreciate the bathroom facilities.

Going to Kapalua only has 1 set back, which is the limited parking.  As much as this is difficult,  it’s also a bit of a blessing because the beach is crowded enough as is.  More parking could make it a zoo.

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