Hokulani Villas Blessing Ceremony


Hokulani Golf Villas, the newest and only luxury golf community in Kihei, Maui, celebrated their ground-breaking for a section of new homes today with a traditional Hawaiian blessing ceremony. 

Hokulani Blessing CeremonyThese gorgeous new homes, located in Maui’s newest resort area mauka of the Pi’ilani Shopping Center and on the way to the Maui Tech Park, are surrounded by the Elleair Maui Golf Club and offer sweeping views of South Maui sunsets over the ocean, West Maui mountains, Haleakala, and the golf course. 

In Hawaii, it is tradition for new property to be blessed in order to bring peace, love and harmony to the new tenants as well as the property owners. Similar to the birth of a child, your business is seen as the child of your creativity and hard work . A blessing ceremony sets the foundation for positive energy and success and shows your commitment to Hawaii, its people, unique culture and the spirit of living “aloha”.

While many factors go into the consideration of when and why to conduct a specific type of blessing ceremony, land is most often given a blessing after a change in ownership or use type, at the ground breaking or grand opening of a business. Acquiring land in Hawaii puts you in a special spiritual relationship with the land that goes well beyond home ownership. Responsibilities of each party are explained and the new owners promise to cherish and protect the land. If necessary, a special “ho’oponopono” blessing is performed as a way to make things right and restore harmony. 

Since doing business successfully in Hawaii typically has a lot to do with how you treat people and your relationship with others on the island, many businesses choose to invite close friends, business acquaintances and employees to the blessing ceremony. 

Hokulani Blessing CeremonyBlessings typically begin with an offering to “Akua”, or God, and include a ceremonial wooden bowl with water, ti leaves and Hawaiian salt. A Maile lei, an open-ended lei made of green maile leaves and referred to as the “lei of royalty”, is worn to signify respect and honor. The blessing ceremony, performed by Reverend Alika of Makena Congregational, honors those of the past, present and future and is essential to attracting positive and loving energy to the land. The blesser often sets an intention for the space, often for new opportunities, success and prosperity. 

Hawaiian blessing ceremonies are performed with the Aloha Spirit Law in mind, which requires that all citizens, government officials and businesses conduct themselves in accordance with the “aloha spirit”, including: 

  • Akahai, meaning kindness to be expressed with tenderness 
  • Lōkahi, meaning unity, to be expressed with harmony
  • `Olu`olu, meaning agreeable, to be expressed with pleasantness
  • Ha`aha`a, meaning humility, to be expressed with modesty
  • Ahonui, meaning patience, to be expressed with perseverance


Congratulations and best wishes to the beautiful Hokulani villas. With those views, it’s sure to be a success! If interested in seeing more of the property, please contact Dano Sayles

Hokulani Blessing Ceremony  








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