Finding Maui’s Hidden Wonders


In the past, travelers may have had a swell time, a bitchin’ journey, or a phat adventure, but today, we’re all about epic experiences.

And lucky for us, those types of experiences are never too far away on Maui. But what if you really want to see something different, like an attraction not listed at the top of every Maui top 10 list?

Well, the easiest way to do that, besides aimlessly wandering around hoping to find your own magical oasis, is to hire a private guide to take you there.


Half Day Experiences


Epic Experience Maui, a relative newcomer to the world of private tours on Maui, offers fully customized half day and full day adventures around the island, including areas you’ll likely never find without a local resident leading the way. There’s no need to worry about whether or not you’re ‘in shape enough’ for the adventure, since you and your group can personalize the day however you see fit. And best of all, there’s absolutely no way to end up lost. Score!


Whether you want to spend the morning relaxing under the mist of a secluded Maui waterfall, or take a hike to witness the West side’s best panoramic views, they’ve got options to make everyone in your group one happy camper.


North Shore Waterfall Adventure

While some of the most iconic waterfalls are found in East Maui, most of them begin on the North shore, not far beyond Paia. Some of the best waterfalls, however, often go overlooked, even by those who have lived on Maui for years.


Enjoy a short drive to the lush start of the Road to Hana, where you’ll take a hike to find one of Maui’s best hidden wonders, and likely, a waterfall to enjoy all to yourselves. Gorgeous!


West Maui Hiking Tour

For the land-lovers of the group, we recommend the West Maui Hiking Tour, with options to explore more of Iao Valley State Park, or choose from one of the many hiking trails in the area, leading to windmills, waterfalls, and ridges with stunning ocean views.


Full Day Experiences


When in paradise, go for gold. While a half day experience will allow for plenty of beauty in a time-sensitive scenario, a full day adventure really takes the cake.

With as many microclimates as the drive from Canada to Mexico, the island of Maui has more to see than you probably thought possible. Skip the guidebook browsing, trail following and accidental trespassing and opt for a private guide to show you the best of the best.


West Maui Circle

Often overlooked by most visitors in favor of the Road to Hana adventure, the West Maui Circle is an equally impressive drive with scenery that’ll woo even the most dubious traveler. Swim with endemic fish and Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles in one of the state’s best preserved bays, take a dip in a natural saltwater pool, and kick back with some banana bread in the low-key, local town of Kahakuloa.

While the drive tends to scare most visitors away, the good news is you won’t have to do any of it!


A Day on Lana’i

Hop on the Expeditions ferry from Lahaina Harbor to sail to Maui’s neighbor island of Lana’i, The Pineapple Isle. With a resident population of only around 3,000 residents, this island remains a sparsely populated paradise, and one that’s home to some absolutely unique sites in the Hawaiian Island chain.


Lucky visitors may even see a pod of Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins, which are known to frequent the island’s most popular bay.


A private guide can make your adventure as smooth and safe as possible, and since we always recommend asking around for suggestions from local residents anyway, why not have one take you around themselves!

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    • We usually stop at Kuau Store for grinds. Always a good idea to stock up on food and water before leaving. Then banana bread along the way.


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