Favorite Maui Activities


favorite Maui activitiesHorseback Riding:

Explore tropical valleys and rain forests, aged blackened lava flows, ironwood and eucalyptus forests, or travel into the base of Haleakala Crater.  Enjoy bi-coastal views of surrounding islands like Molokini, Kaoolawe, Lanai, Molokai, or even the Big Island of Hawaii. Catch glimpses of wildlife like Maui’s axis deer, the endangered nene goose, herds of wild goat, mongoose, dolphin, or even humpback whales when in season. Many of Maui’s ranches have been family owned for generations, with deep roots to the island and great stories to share. Their animals are well-loved and hosts will pair you with an animal suited to your riding level.

Whale Watching:

Due to its warm waters, Maui is an ideal breeding, birthing and nursing ground for humpback whales. Witness, first hand, the behavior of macho males vying for attention, or get lucky enough to see a mother whale teaching its baby how to breach for the first time! Whale watching tours leave daily from Maui harbors.

Surf Lessons:

Upon entering the water, guests are suited up with a rash guard, shirt and booties. A land lesson on paddling out and popping up takes place first to ensure everyone is confident and ready to go. Now feeling tough, holding your board under one arm and staring out at the break, its time to get up your guts and go for the thrill of surfing! The water always feels refreshing and the sunshine keeps you smiling. And, its not unheard of to spot a sea turtle or dolphin passing by and sharing the fun!

Helicopter Tours:

There are a variety of tours available to Maui visitors. A trip to Molokai, the friendly isle, will fascinate flyers with the world’s highest sea cliffs and Hawaii’s tallest waterfall. Visitors will also pay witness to Kalapapa peninsula, the historic leprosy colony. Others can opt for a flight over to the Big Island to catch the live lava flow of Mauna Kea. Every tour promises culture, history and the immense beauty of Hawaii.

Sunrise at Haleakala Crater:

The crater is so large, in fact, that it could hold all of Manhattan. But the real magic happens at sunrise, when La, the sun god, makes its way up over the edge of the crater, trumpeting a new day by blasting the foggy mist with intense golds, pinks and purples

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