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If ever there is a place to drive a 1957 Porsche Speedster convertible, it’s Hawaii. From the lush, winding roads of Hana to desert-like conditions on the shores of South Maui, why not enjoy the view in style! The fanciest car I’ve ever driven was probably a new(ish) Saturn, so I was extremely grateful to be invited to take out one of Maui Roadsters Porsche Speedsters for a day of exploring and looking ultimately more fly than everyone else. While I was nervous about driving a manual for the first time since I was 17, owners Leah and Chris assured me that the car would run smoothly and I’d be back into the manual groove in no time. They were right.

Our first stop was West Maui, where we pulled off the highway to enjoy a dip in the ocean and views of the West Maui Mountains.

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Maui Roadsters offers an impressive fleet of six Porsche Speedster reproductions, all with their own look and charm, all of which are extremely well maintained and the perfect addition to a day in tropical awesomeness. I’ve never received so many envious looks while driving in my life! Because of the amount of care and top-notch maintenance that goes into each rental, they can be taken anywhere on Maui, including the 10,000-foot summit of Haleakala Volcano, although you better bring some mittens, pants, and a sweatshirt, cause it’s mighty cold up there.


All convertibles are two passengers, have a manual transmission, and are a total blast to drive! After exploring West Maui, we made our way Upcountry, where we stopped to take in the panoramic ocean views, rolling hills, and breathtaking scenery from Kula. The red interior, waist seat belts and classic exterior of the Porsche paired with Maui’s scenery are like no other day of driving I’ve experienced, and I highly suggest renting one of these to treat yourself and a loved one to a day of fancy fun in paradise.

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Whether you’re coming to Maui for a romantic wedding, family trip or to simply see what all the fuss is about, exploring the island in a Porsche convertible is a great way to take your vacation to next level. Keep the minivan at home. This is Maui.


Leah and Chris are extremely helpful, and friendly and went above and beyond to make sure our experience was perfect. Rentals are $175 for 4 hours or $299 for 12 hours and include unlimited miles.

Please visit Maui Roadsters online for more information, and mahalo for reading!

All photos are provided by Peter Rimkus of Two Tank Photo.

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