Cost of Food in Maui, Hawaii


 We are planning a visit to Maui from England and are trying to work out a budget, can you advise the cost of food and drinks around Ka’anapali please, nothing fancy just good food. 

Kind regards

Aloha Lynda,

Great question!  You’ll find that most areas in the United States are still less expensive than England (considering exchange rate.)  BUT, Hawaii is one of the most expensive places in the US.  Cost of food really depends on whether you have a kitchen or not at your accommodations in Ka’anapali.  If you’ve got a kitchen, you can run to Costco or Mana Foods and grab some food before driving to the west side.  Making a breakfast here and there or sandwiches for the beach will save you a lot of money in the long run. 

Even the non-fancy spots are expensive relative to the rest of the USA.  Kaanapali is a resort town and has expensive restaurants.  Lahaina is similar, but you’ll probably find more options there.  You’ll be spending anywhere from $12-$25 for a simple lunch each.  Even getting sub sandwiches reach around $10 after a drink and tax.  Look around and ask around and you’ll find great spots for less money. Dinner can run from around $15-$45 per person.  See some or our recommended Maui restaurants.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Tipping is very important in Hawaii.  Make sure to tip at least 15% of the bill after tax.  If the service is good, give 20-25%.  Of course, if the service is bad, you can dip below the 15% standard (but it better be REALLY bad.)  As you’ll find, Maui is very expensive to visit and equally expensive to live on.  The service industry makes minimum wage and relies on tips to survive.  Please remember to tip.

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