The Best Yoga Studios in Maui


Whether Maui is your home base or you’re on a well-deserved vacation, you can still keep limber with this list of top yoga studios on the island.

#1  Mangala Yoga-Makawao

Makawao is a town worth visiting, especially when they are home to one of the best yoga studios on the North Shore.  This serene studio is nestled into the mountainside, with light and bright rooms that allow you to connect to the outside elements.  The expert instructors are warm and knowledgeable, giving each student one-on-one attention.  With a wide variety of classes offered, both first-timers and advanced yogis find exactly what they need!

Mangala Yoga Maui

Most Popular Classes:

Candlelight Yoga is a Restorative/Yin yoga class helping you relax after your day of work and/or play. We will focus on breathing while gently stretching and supporting the body. You will leave feeling nurtured, nourished, and restored.

Jungle Flow is a strong, passionate, Vinyasa flow class. Jungle flow teaches you to cultivate awareness that links each breath and action to the next–on the mat and in our lives. You will leave class feeling energized, grounded, and connected to a more powerful, peaceful self.

Lava Sculpt combines yoga with weightlifting. The added weights build bone density, and muscle mass, and boost metabolism, while still getting all the benefits of yoga. You will see noticeable results, and leave feeling strong, grounded, and refreshed. (Practiced in an infrared heated studio at 85-92 degrees).

What their students are saying:

*Crystal– I am so thankful I gave yoga and this studio a chance. I started with their restorative candlelight classes which moved at a nice, slow pace (perfect for a beginner like me!).

*Dirty– I highly recommend taking one of the studio’s various workshops when offered. Plenty of parking, love-and-light-filled studio welcoming you to practice, and everyone is friendly. Mangala Yoga is no ka oi!

*Sandy– This is a lovely yoga studio with competent teachers and a warm vibe.

*Jedediah– In my opinion, this studio has the best yoga teachers on Maui. They are serious about what they do and the assists and cues are awesome!

#2 Maui Yoga & Dance Shala

The yoga classes at Maui Yoga & Dance Shala are nothing short of exhilarating.  With two locations, you can find your flow on either side of the island.  Known for their island atmosphere, these yoga studios make sure you get a healthy dose of paradise when you attend one of their many classes.

Maui Yoga & Dance Shala

Most Popular Classes:

Maui Aloha Yoga:  Aloha kekahi i kekahi. (Love one another.) Nadia Toraman’s Maui ALOHA Yoga is her own special blend of Hawaiian ALOHA Spirit, Ashtanga, and Iyengar Yoga.  Burn toxins, create strength and flexibility, and build concentration. This class will strengthen and purify the body and uplift the spirit! A typical class includes standing, sitting, and reclining postures. Emphasis is on creating a balance between strength and flexibility, assisting in the healing of injuries, and relaxing the mind.

Barre Workout:  Barre Workout classes are a combination of yoga, barre, and Pilates that include cardio intervals to strengthen, tone, and elongate the muscles. Great for those with athletic disciplines looking to maximize core strength and increase flexibility. And, for anyone looking to get back in shape!

Island Flow Yoga:  We’re just minutes away from the beach! Island Yoga Flow represents the Aloha spirit, the power & strength of our island, Maui, and the flowing harmony that can be achieved through the mind-body-spirit connection. You will enjoy mental relaxation, core strengthening, and increased flexibility of the muscles through breath-directed movement in our island-flavored studio!

What their students are saying:

*adventuresforus12- This is a gem of a yoga studio. We were in Wailea for only 4 days, and we took yoga classes all 4 days. What a find! And prices were reasonable. This is really yoga, way better than what you would find in one of the big hotels.

*Michele G.- I visited the Shaka on my last night and did two classes back to back, one with the owner which was lovely- I particularly liked greeting everyone at the beginning and end and the second was with Shakta – a wonderful candlelit practice with another wonderful yoga teacher – a big thank you to both of you – I’m a yoga teacher myself and would recommend these classes to anyone – they were both all levels with well-experienced teachers.

*greekeyrunner- Visited Wailea studio. Excellent instructors, great for a drop in vacation class-Vinyasa flow. Please note, this was not a beginner class, but the instructor was very sensitive to varying abilities and able to modify them.

#3 Bikram Yoga Maui

Also known as hot yoga, Bikram Yoga is taking the world by storm.  These 90-minute classes combine 26 different Hatha Yoga techniques in a heated studio, resulting in a more flexible you! Doing yoga in a heated studio can also reduce stress and tension, stimulates blood circulation, stimulates glands and nerves, moves fresh oxygenated blood to 100% of the body, and leaves you feeling like a million bucks.

Bikram Yoga Maui

There is only one class available, which can leave some beginners feeling hesitant.  If you can breathe, you can do Bikram yoga!  A few things to be mindful of before attending a Bikram Yoga Maui class:

  • Please enter and leave the yoga room quietly to enhance your focus and concentration, as well as acknowledge the relaxation of others.
  • Remember to be respectful of other yoga students, which includes recognizing your own chatter, perfumes/cologne, or anything that might be disruptive.
  • Come to class prepared to let go of your expectations and turn your gaze inward. You will see changes occur rather quickly if you stick to yoga. There are so many ways to grow, learn and excel. We hope you take advantage of these opportunities.
  • Please bring a bottle of water, a towel, and a mat if you have one. Note that the studio rents towels and mats and also sells water.
  • Wear fitted exercise clothing in which you can sweat. Also, please arrive to the studio about 15 minutes before your first class to meet your instructor and fill out a short “new student” form. This will also leave you ample time to ask any questions, prepare for class and relax on your mat.
  • We all have different bodies and that is what makes each of us unique. Do not get caught up in what others are doing around you, just stick to your own body and do the best you can. It is not a contest between you and yourself or anyone else. Open your mind, and be prepared to have fun.

What their students are saying:

*M Y.- I went to this studio when I was in Maui for a vacation.  I loved everything about this studio.  It’s clean, and spacious has free parking, sells water, and has one of those anti-bacterial rubber floorings.  The instructor I had (Meg) was one of the best.  I know Bikram instruction is the same everywhere but it’s the teacher’s personality and style that makes a difference in my opinion.

*M D.- While on vacation, my husband and I decided to go to Bikram yoga. We do Bikram at home so thought this would be nice to try in Maui. We LOVED this studio. Clean and spacious…..probably one of the nicest Bikram studios I have ever attended.

*Erin P.- I LOVE this yoga studio ~ HIGHLY recommend it!!!  🙂 🙂 🙂 The instructors are knowledgeable, warm, cheerful, and friendly.  And the studio itself is beautiful, clean, and well-located.  Great job, Bikram Yoga in Kahului ~ FIVE STARS!!!

#4  Wisdom Flow Yoga

If you’re looking for more than just a yoga class, Wisdom Flow Yoga is ready with open arms.  This studio teaches the trinity of body, mind, and spirit.  Jennifer Lynn, the founder, has designed classes that clear your mind of any unhealthy thoughts and patterns, which lends to the harmony and flow of your yoga practice.  And they don’t just stop at yoga!  Many unique dance and body movement classes allow you to reconnect to your incredible body.  The Wisdom Flow Yoga studio is brimming with welcoming light and inspirational murals.  This spiritual experience is just what the yoga doctor ordered!

Best Maui Yoga

Most Popular Classes:

Wisdom Flow Yoga:  Dynamic Vinyasa flow rich with alignment cues, breathing practices, and deep core awareness. Classes build stamina and joint stability while opening large muscles for fluidity. Balance Poses and Inversions build agility and proprioception. Backbends free intervertebral discs and clear the crust around our hearts! Empowering philosophy weaves through clear instruction. Deep silent savasana at the close of every class.

Every Body Yoga:  Every Body Yoga is an Iyengar-inspired yoga class that emphasizes a personalized approach. The practice is suitable for everybody, regardless of age, health, fitness, or level of experience, and will be adapted to your individual needs. The class is slow and gentle with a focus on developing inner awareness. You will learn gentle physical postures to increase strength and flexibility. You will also be encouraged to listen to your body.

Tribal Belly Dance:  Learn the empowering dance form of Tribal Fusion belly dance!
Class structure focuses on building foundational belly dance techniques while deepening the mind-body connection. Students are introduced to fundamental shapes used in belly dance, a vocabulary of stylized movement phrases and combos, musicality, and finger cymbals. Build core strength, increase flexibility, and reconnect to the inherent archetype qualities within.  Embark on a creative journey of self-expression through dance.

What their students are saying:

*Elizabeth E.- Jennifer Lynn and Wisdom Flow yoga truly are amazing. I do a range of sports and I found wisdom flow yoga a fantastic balance of real sport exercise (your muscles really feel it!) and beautiful stretching. The classes helped me work out a number of injuries and provided balance.

*MauiDebra- Practicing yoga with Jennifer Lynn has transformed my life in every aspect. She is truly the most aware yoga teacher on the planet!

*TrishnDom- If you are looking for a yoga class on Maui look no further. As a visitor or local this is the best Maui has to offer. Wisdom Flow Yoga has many different classes, but the
Yoga is the best to be found. You can work at your own level and before you know it
you’ll be stronger, and more relaxed and your spirit will soar. Jennifer Lynn is a beautiful
soul who will lead you gracefully through it all, leaving you feeling fabulous.

#5  Infusion Barre & Yoga

Feel like flying back home with a tighter backside or svelte thighs?  Infusion Barre & Yoga doesn’t take it easy on your cellulite, which makes your poolside days in a swimsuit all the more enjoyable. Trish Bianco, the owner, has combined her vast knowledge, strong education, and certification in dance, and yoga, including vinyasa flow, pilates, and Core Fusion to create effective and fun classes.

Infusion Yoga Maui

Most Popular Classes:

Barre Fusion:  The technique Trish developed, called Barre Fusion™, is a 55-minute fusion of barre fitness, core, and Pilates and yoga stretching to create the fastest most effective way to change your body.  This class doesn’t just burn, it torches calories!!!

Yoga Barre Flow:  We are excited to announce Trish’s newest class creation combining yoga and Barre into one complete workout designed to tone your limbs and tighten your core, leaving you feeling lengthened, worked out, and mentally centered for your day ahead.

Baby Barre Fusion:  Baby Barre Fusion provides new mothers the opportunity to re-energize and recuperate both mentally and physically while building an even stronger bond with their little ones. A 30-minute Barre Infusion-inspired class that targets every major muscle group- upper body, thighs, glutes, and abdominals- Incorporating Barre Infusion movements with an added challenge from carrying a baby in the Ergo Baby or Baby Bjorn.

What their students are saying:

*Natalie F.- If you want a delicious workout that’s challenging, FUN, and effective I highly recommend coming to A Barre fusion/ Flow class.
The classes combine Ballet, Yoga, cardio, and resistance training. You might shake your first couple of classes but as you get stronger Your body will Yearn for the intensity of these workouts.

*Simone B.- Trish and the whole team of Infusion Yoga in Paia are wonderful. I started to take classes 1 month ago and I have never been so passionate about any kind of workout. Trish has a great style of teaching, she makes you feel like you can do anything and is very motivating. I feel very comfortable and it’s my highlight every day to join her class.

*Cadence F.- Wait a second… I thought I hated exercise. Who would’ve known I would be stronger and more vibrant after taking Trish’s barre and yoga classes?! I’m officially hooked and feel healthier than ever.  The best part is, Infusion is just a short walk from the ocean, organic food stores, and Paia bay coffee. Grateful that this incredible community and oasis is present in Paia. Aloha!

A stronger and more flexible you is waiting right around the corner with this list of the top 5 yoga studios in Maui.  Now it’s time to go find your perfect practice!

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