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Whether you’re planning a trip to Hawaii or just need a midday break to put you in the aloha mood, we’ve discovered some gems to jam to while Googling ‘plane tickets to Maui’. Classic songs from Bruddah Iz, Don Ho, Hapa, Willie K and countless others are always at the top of our list, but there’s plenty of other, less familiar songs that’ll transport you here, too.

Enjoy, and happy listening.

Tropical Vibes Playlist: The Aloha Edition

“On the Island” – Brian Wilson ft. She & Him

The Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson teams up with lovely lady Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward to create this perfectly mellow, perfectly adorable tropical tune that’ll transport you right to the sandy shoreline of Maui, preferably alongside your S.O. and an umbrella’d cocktail. Space helmet optional.

“Tropical Hawaiian Day” – Ka’au Crater Boys

If you can’t feel the Hawaiian vibes after listening to this song, you’re truly out of luck. Released in 1991, this Hawaii classic from  Ka’au Crater Boys was just one of their many hits.

“Let’s Go Surfing” – The Drums

As you may be able to gather from the title, this catchy, carefree tune is about those blissful days spent surfing, which, let’s be honest, is best done in the land of aloha. Dance, smile, surf, repeat.

“Holiday in Waikiki” – The Kinks

The song tells the story of an English boy who wins a trip to Waikiki from a competition in his local paper, only to be surprised at the commercialism of Hawaii once he arrives. Whether you share the same sentiments or not, it’s still a good tune.

“The Beginning of the End” – Funky Nassau

Alright, so admittedly, this song has absolutely nothing to do with Hawaii and everything to do with getting funky in Nassau, Bahamas. Regardless, it’s musical goodness and a fun island-inspired song to brighten your afternoon.

“Ta Hu Wa Hu Wai” – Al “Kealoha” Perry & His Singing Surfriders

Born in 1901 to a Hawaiian mother and English father, Al “Kealoha” Perry became the musical director of the “Hawaii Calls” records, named for the corresponding radio and television series. Known for bringing the music of the Hawaiian people to the masses, Al was inducted to the Hawaiian Entertainers Hall of Fame in 1974.

We’ve also put together 2 Maui playlists on Spotify of songs we absolutely love, even if they aren’t tropical themed.  We listen to these every day here on Maui.  Check them!

Maui Mix Maui Mellow music

What are your favorite songs that get you in the mood for a trip to Hawaii? Let us know in the comments below, and as always, mahalo for reading. Aloha!

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