500,000 Happy Visitors to our Maui Guide!


We’ve successful had over 1/2 a million unique visitors to our Maui Guide!

It’s taken a few years to get to this point, but the Maui Information Guide is officially bringing in solid traffic and giving free information to the masses about Maui.  Our goal is to offer information to visitors of our island in a respectful manner.  We believe in Malama aina (caring for our land and people.)  This means we offer information that is helpful yet respectful.  For example: we have a very popular page on the Road to Hana.  Many guide books send visitors into local backyards and create uncomfortable situations for residents of Maui.  On our page, we offer Hana Etiquette to help oblivious tourists from hurting the land and the people.

We hope everyone enjoys what we write about.  We do!  If you want to join our facebook group, check out Facebook Maui.


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