Top Ten 2011 Sunsets


We know what you’re thinking,”2011?  WHY NOW?”  Well, we’re going through old photos, and we found hundreds from 2010, 11, 12 and this year.  SO, we’re putting together a slideshow of the best 10 for each year.  These are all photos taken from a phone and no Photoshop was done, other than adding text and border.  You can see previous 2010 best Maui Sunsets.  Stay tuned for the best of 2012 and 2013.

[soliloquy id=”1540″]

AND, before you say, “These aren’t nearly as good as the sunset photos I took in 2011 on my vacation!”  You’re probably right, but they’re still pretty cool in our opinion.  So, if you have a better photo that you want to share, contact us and write a blog post.  We’ll share it if you write a nice story about the photo.  Mahalo!

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