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Haleakala Bike Tours

Out of the numerous activities on the island, Maui mountain bike tours have become the most popular. Enjoying a Haleakala sunrise before a leisurely Maui bike ride down 30-38 miles of winding road is an experience few forget. The dormant volcano reaches just over 10,000 feet at its summit where you'll watch sunrise. You'll then be taken to the base of Haleakala National Park to begin your bike ride. There are many Maui bike companies that take part in this daily ritual.

The following companies are well known Haleakala bike tours for you to pick from.

  • Bike it Maui
  • Cruiser Phil's
  • Mountain Riders
  • Haleakala Bike Company
  • Maui Mountain Cruisers
  • Maui Downhill - out of business

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Here are some available Maui bike tours:



Self guided bike tours

Self Guided Haleakala Downhill Bike Tour

biking Haleakala

Alternately, Bike Maui offers three tour options for guests seeking a self-guided, downhill biking experience on Haleakala: the Sunrise Special, Summit Deluxe or Haleakala Express. With an early morning check-in time of 3am in Haiku, the Sunrise Special Tour includes a vehicle tour of Haleakala National Park in time to witness sunrise at the summit, before traveling back down to 6,500 feet for the start of your 23 mile downhill bike ride. As long as you make it back to the original meet-up point in Haiku by 4pm, you are welcome to enjoy the day how you like, stopping for breakfast, talking story with the locals, browsing local farm stands and whatever else suits your fancy. For travelers who don’t wish to set their alarms quite so early, the Summit Deluxe offers the same experience with a later check-in time of 8am, and the Haleakala Express skips the tour of Haleakala in favor of a start time at 9am. KONA mountain bikes, backpacks, helmets, rain gear and a map/directions are all included.






Haleakala bike tours Haleakala biking

Guided Downhill Bike Tour

If you’d rather have a seasoned local guide leading the way, Cruiser Phil’s offers two options for guided Haleakala bike tours: the Sunrise Tour or standard Morning Bike Tour. After being picked up from your hotel, you’ll travel in a comfortable van to the summit of Haleakala Volcano for a narrated tour of Haleakala National Park, including hot beverages. Shortly after, you’ll travel back down the slopes to 6,500 feet, where you’ll gear up with your tour leader for a fully guided experience that includes all necessary gear, as well as insulated gloves and a windbreaker suit. It’s recommended you wear warm layers, and riders must be experienced, at least 5 feet tall, and at least 12 years of age at the time of the tour.




Haleakala Bike Rentals

You can also take a self-guided trip by renting a bike. for mountain bikers, you can rent one and head to Makawao Forest Reserve for a number of epic courses.

Choose a bike built with suspension for your weight and style and with flat pedals, a helmet, a repair kit, and get maps. (Backpacks, protective armor, and clipless pedals are also available on a first-come, first-serve basis.) What’s more, renting a bike will enable you and your crew to cruise through the National Park, as most commercial bike companies are prohibited from shuttling riders inside the park to depart from the crater.


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