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Flora and Fauna of Maui

Our islands are home to the endemic and the invasive, all of which are fascinating and important to understand.  Here, we’ll share some of our favorites along with the worst. Below, we share everything from the elusive Turtle Town to Maui’s Invasive Species.

Some of our own personal favorite Maui creatures:

  • Humpback WhalesEvery year, from around mid-December to Mid-May, our whales come home to Maui!
  • Hawaiian Sharks – Learn about the parts of a shark, ancient fossils, Hawaii shark attacks, and what kind of sharks in Maui waters you might find.
  • Spinner Dolphins – Living up to their name, if you ever see a Spinner Dolphin pod, you’ll be blown away by the acrobatic display!

See what’s new on Maui:

Lanai History Ocean View

Lanai History

Lanai history, photos, and information. Read an in-depth history of Lanai Island, the Pineapple Isle. Interesting Lanai historical facts.

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Honolua Bay Maui Hawaii

Honolua Bay

Driving up past Lahaina, Ka’anapali, and Kapalua will bring you to a less developed area with great waves and snorkeling at Honolua Bay, Maui.

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whale watch season

Our Whales Are BACK!

We’re beyond thrilled to announce that our Humpback Whales have returned home!  Yes, their HOME: over 1/2 of the North Pacific Humpback Whale population travels from

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Sacred Maui

Seeking Sacred Maui

There is no shortage of tropical cocktails and luxurious resorts on Maui, but some people come to the island searching for more.  If you pay attention to

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Shark Dive Maui

While the Maui Ocean Center boasts an impressive half a million visitors each year, only a select number of those decide to take advantage of

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Waves in Wailea

Last week there were waves in Wailea… Real waves! This is rare, especially in the winter time. The south side doesn’t get much swell ever

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Molokini Crater

Molokini Crater Molokini Crater is an ancient volcanic crater that has formed an atoll off the south coast of Maui. Because of its clarity, abundant

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