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If you’re coming to Maui and you want some excitement, ziplining is the best thing to do in Maui, Hawaii. However, not all ziplines are created equal, check out our favorite Maui zipline tours.

Maui Zipline Tours Treetops

Kapalua Zipline

Kapalua has some of the most stunning views you can find on Maui, and there is no better way to see them than by soaring high above the treetops on a zipline.  Feel the wind in your hair and take in the sights all around as you zip over forests and deep valleys with the backdrop of the beautiful ocean.

Maui Zipline Tours Man

Modified paragliding harnesses and 4-point trolleys allow you to relax and enjoy the ride without having to spin around, guide yourself, or use a giant leather glove to stop.  The enthusiastic and knowledgeable guides will take care of everything for you.  Enjoy an ATV ride, a walk across the largest suspension bridge in Hawaii, and 6 side-by-side lines.

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Maui Zipline Company

Maui Zipline Company offers a family-friendly zipline tour over the beautifully manicured grounds of the Maui Tropical Plantation.  Children as young as 5 are able to ride all 5 of the side-by-side ziplines on the course.  Race your sibling or capture video while you ride side-by-side above colorful flower gardens, fruit trees, and the duck pond.

Maui Zipline Company

If you do not want to invest too much time in a zipline tour, this is also the tour for you.  Usually lasting around an hour and a half this is one of the shortest zipline tours on the island.  However, there are plenty of activities to check out at the Maui Tropical Plantation when you are finished.

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