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Haleakala Zipline

Ziplining MauiIf you're coming to Maui and you want some excitement, ziplining is the best thing to do in Maui, Hawaii.

Piiholo Ziplines has been shut down. Below you can learn about the business they ran for years. If you're looking for a zipline right now, check out these Maui Zipline Tours.

We've been on most of the ziplines on the island, and there are many different styles of companies offering ziplines. Piiholo Zipline has many positive traits as follows:


Piiholo Ziplines

Maui rope Course

• Safety

We feel really safe with their gear. Piiholo could zip the weight of a car over the line safely, so we know they can handle us. Also, you don't have to use your hands to stop yourself. (See Technology below)


• Side-By-Side

Some of Piiholo's ziplines accommodate 4 people at once zipping next to each other. This makes for some fun photos and entertaining zipping.


• Length of Ziplines

The 5th zipline they offer is the longest side by side zipline in Hawaii. It's fantastic! You get going fast and high for a long time. I know this sounds scary to some, but we had a friend that was terrified of heights do it with us. The 1st one was really hard for her to get the courage up. But after that, she was eager to try the next one.


• Technology

Piiholo Zipline uses 4 point trolleys, unlike most of their competitors. This keeps you from having to use your hands to guide and stop yourself. It's safe and easy. You're always leaving and arriving while facing straight ahead. Other zipline courses need you to steer and you can come in backwards (we've seen and done it.) We like not having to think about what to do. At Piiholo, we can just enjoy the ride.


• Hiking

Not only do you hike through aromatic Eucalyptus forests, but you enter the zipline area over a suspension bridge that's over 300 feet long. 


• Views

The views from the slopes of Haleakala are amazing. While you're zipping, you can see forests and pastures below you as well as the ocean in the distance.


• Ropes Course

Piiholo also offers team building exercises and fun rope and wall climbs at the Tango Tower. If you plan right, you can do the rope course, ziplines, and go horseback riding all at Piiholo Ranch in the same day.

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