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Maui picturesGreat cameras at low rental prices

Hawaii Camera

3457 Waialae Ave Unit 203
Honolulu, HI 96816
(808) 735-3838
(Please see shipping requirements and time)

There are many reasons to rent camera gear in Hawaii:

• Haleakala Crater Summit at sunrise.

• Underwater shots of fish, turtles, sharks, dolphins, reef, tako, manta rays, etc... (Hawaii Photo Rental will rent you water housings as well!)

Photo Equipment• HANA!! The road to Hana is filled with occasions to photograph. Swimming at a waterfall, taking a hike, exploring caves, and relaxing on red, black, and/or white sand beaches all make for wonderful photos.

• Exploring the coastal lava fields of La Perouse.

• The charm of local shops at Lahaina Town.

• Horses and expansive views Upcountry at Makawao and/or Kula.

• Anything from a helicopter. (Try the Doors-off trips for the best photos. If not doors-off, dress in black so that your clothes don't shine in the window reflection.)

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Maui Photos by Natalie Brown Photography. All Rights Reserved. We recognize that Natalie Brown Photography is not being paid for the use of these images on this site, and we offer our greatest appreciation to her for allowing us to use them. Mahalo, Natalie. Great work!

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