Surfing Maui, Hawaii


Wintertime on Maui is when we see the most consistent surf from the North.  Summertime offers infrequent south swells to the south and west side.  We had 1 great south swell already, but it’s likely we’ll only get a few more.  South swells on Maui are something that frustrate most Maui surfers.  The problem lies in the fact that anyone that gives reports and projected reports hype up swells massively, then as they get blocked by all the islands in our way we get shafted with small waves.  We’re not saying that it doesn’t get good, it’s just that it’s fickle and hit or miss.  Anyways, below is a photo of some waves on a south swell last year.  Learn more about Maui surfing and see the latest Maui surf report.

surfing in maui

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