Coupeville Whidbey Island


coupeville houseWe just got back from a great trip to Washington.  We stayed in Seattle for a few nights and then spent most of our time on Whidbey Island.  WOW, what a gorgeous place!  And each time we muttered those words around the locals, they made sure to let us know that it wasn’t always like this.  We’ve been to Whidbey several times, mostly in the summer, and we’ve learned first hand that it can get pretty chilly and windy up here.  

Each time we stay, we stay at a beautiful house in Coupeville, Whidbey Island, which boasts awe-inspiring views of Penn Cove.  Penn Cove is yet another winding area within Puget Sound with dramatic coastlines.  Penn Cove is well known for having amazing mussels and clams (we made sure to grab 3 pounds one night.  yum!)  The house we stay at is called Eagle’s View because it has a view of a massive nest hanging on a tree off the side of the cliffs with 2-3 eagles.  We’ve seen some incredible things happen at this nest (crows dive bombing the eagles to get them to leave, eagles catching sea gulls in mid air then eating them, and plenty of majestic soaring over our heads. Amazing.  The video shows the property that we stay at.  It’s a pretty unique place.

coupeville whidbey island



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