Close Encounters of the Whale Kind

February is not only Humpback Whale Month in the Aloha State, but also the height of whale watching season on Maui. Our friends at Hawaiian Paddle Sports shared some epic photos from their recent Maui whale watching kayak tour, and WHOA. If whales aren’t your new favorite animal after this, you might be slightly dead inside. whale watching kayak tours

A small calf approached the guests, playfully bumping up against their kayaks while the mom and escort whale watched on from below.

maui whale watching

The baby circled the kayaks, curiously checking out the surface as guests sat back and enjoyed the view.

maui whale season

Whales for the win!

kayak tours maui

maui whale watching

maui whale watching kayak

Mahalo for reading, and contact Hawaiian Paddle Sports to reserve a spot on a whale watching tour the next time you’re on Maui!

All photos taken by Hawaiian Paddle Sports guide, Curtis Geary.

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