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  • shortboarding Maui

    Maui Shortboarding

    This is by far our favorite video since we've been making videos. It was taken at Honolua Bay during the winter of 2010. The swell was huge on the North side, and it managed to maintain some of it's size on the upper North West. This video shows local Maui surfers ripping and getting barreled over and over in big Maui waves.

    Maui Shortboard video
  • Maui Longboarding

    Maui Longboarding

    This is a great video of longboarders ripping at Honolua Bay on a good sized day. These guys have Honolua wired and can rip these things all the way into Keiki bowls. This video was taken on the same day as the first video from the top of this page labeled Maui Big Waves. We hope you like it!

    Maui Shortboard video

Big Beach skimboard photos & interview

  • High Performance Surfing Maui

    Performance Surfing

    This is an excellent short video of Honolua Bay this past winter. The surf was building and the wind was just right. Here you'll find many talented surfers taking off primarily from Caves and getting some solid barrels and big airs. Learn about Honolua Bay and other Maui surf spots here at the Maui Information Guide.

    Advanced Video
  • Honolua Bay

    Honolua Bay

    Shot from the first look-out point just South of Honolua Bay. This was a fun overhead day with the usual masses of people out surfing. On a couple of these waves you can see the surfer dodge multiple paddlers by mere inches. Some pretty amazing footage of some good surfing at the Bay.

    Honolua Bay Video

  • Honolua Surf Maui

    More Honolua Surfing

    Another good day at Honolua Bay. Clean conditions and some good wave heights. Honolua Bay is a pretty fickle wave, but when it works, it can be incredible. This is a short surf video of an early morning session this last winter. See learn more about the good and bad points of surfing in Maui, see Maui Surfing tips.

    Honolua Surf video
  • Maui Storm Surf

    Shot at an undisclosed location on Maui, this was a stormy out-of-season swell. We were looking forward to surfing this fickle spot, but it ended up being ultra crowded with close to 50 guys out. There are really very few secret spots left in Maui, Hawaii. This is one of them. We'd tell you where it is exaclty, but there's still a chance we'll get it by ourselves again someday.

    Maui Shortboard video


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